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from twisted.python.usage import UsageError
from twisted.python import usage, reflect
from ldaptor.protocols import pureldap
from ldaptor.protocols.ldap import distinguishedname

class Options(usage.Options):
    optParameters = ()
    def postOptions(self):
      postOpt = {}
      reflect.addMethodNamesToDict(self.__class__, postOpt, "postOptions_")
      for name in postOpt.keys():
          method = getattr(self, 'postOptions_'+name)

class Options_service_location:
    def opt_service_location(self, value):
      """Service location, in the form BASEDN:HOST[:PORT]"""

      if not self.opts.has_key('service-location'):

      base, location = value.split(':', 1)
            dn = distinguishedname.DistinguishedName(base)
        except distinguishedname.InvalidRelativeDistinguishedName, e:
            raise usage.UsageError, str(e)

      if not location:
          raise usage.UsageError, "service-location must specify host"

      if ':' in location:
          host, port = location.split(':', 1)
          host, port = location, None

      if not host:
          host = None

      if not port:
          port = None

      self.opts['service-location'][dn] = (host, port)

    def postOptions_service_location(self):
      if not self.opts.has_key('service-location'):

class Options_base_optional:
    optParameters = (
      ('base', None, None,
       "LDAP base dn"),

class Options_base(Options_base_optional):
    def postOptions_base(self):
      # check that some things are given
      if self.opts['base'] is None:
          raise usage.UsageError, "%s must be given" % 'base'

class Options_scope:
    optParameters = (
      ('scope', None, 'sub',
       "LDAP search scope (one of base, one, sub)"),

    def postOptions_scope(self):
      synonyms = {
          'base': 'baseObject',
          'single': 'singleLevel',
          'subtree': 'wholeSubtree',
          'sub': 'wholeSubtree',
      scope = self.opts['scope']
      scope=synonyms.get(scope, scope)
          scope=getattr(pureldap, 'LDAP_SCOPE_'+scope)
      except AttributeError:
          raise usage.UsageError, "bad scope: %s" % scope
      self.opts['scope'] = scope

class Options_bind:
    optParameters = (
      ('binddn', None, None,
       "use Distinguished Name to bind to the directory"),
      ('bind-auth-fd', None, None,
       "read bind password from filedescriptor"),

    def postOptions_bind_auth_fd_numeric(self):
      if val is not None:
            val = int(val)
          except ValueError:
            raise usage.UsageError, "%s value must be numeric" % 'bind-auth-fd'
          self.opts['bind-auth-fd'] = val

class Options_bind_mandatory(Options_bind):
    def postOptions_bind_mandatory(self):
      if not self.opts['binddn']:
          raise usage.UsageError, "%s must be given" % 'binddn'

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