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from ldaptor.protocols.ldap.autofill import ObjectMissingObjectClassException

class Autofill_samba: #TODO baseclass
    def __init__(self, domainSID, fixedPrimaryGroupSID=None):
        self.domainSID = domainSID
        self.fixedPrimaryGroupSID = fixedPrimaryGroupSID

    def start(self, ldapObject):
        assert 'objectClass' in ldapObject
        if 'sambaSamAccount' not in ldapObject['objectClass']:
            raise ObjectMissingObjectClassException, ldapObject

        assert 'sambaAcctFlags' not in ldapObject
        ldapObject['sambaAcctFlags'] = ['[UX         ]']
        assert 'sambaPwdLastSet' not in ldapObject
        ldapObject['sambaPwdLastSet'] = ['0']
        assert 'sambaLogonTime' not in ldapObject
        ldapObject['sambaLogonTime'] = ['0']
        assert 'sambaLogoffTime' not in ldapObject
        ldapObject['sambaLogoffTime'] = ['0']
        assert 'sambaPwdCanChange' not in ldapObject
        ldapObject['sambaPwdCanChange'] = ['0']
        assert 'sambaPwdMustChange' not in ldapObject
        ldapObject['sambaPwdMustChange'] = ['0']

        if self.fixedPrimaryGroupSID is not None:
            assert 'sambaPrimaryGroupSID' not in ldapObject
            ldapObject['sambaPrimaryGroupSID'] = ['%s-%d' % (
                self.domainSID, self.fixedPrimaryGroupSID)]

        # Handle attributeTypes that were added before we got
        # started. We know we don't defer in notify, so we can do a
        # simple loop here.
        for attributeType in ldapObject.keys():
            self.notify(ldapObject, attributeType)

    def notify(self, ldapObject, attributeType):
        # sambaSID=2*uidNumber+1000
        if attributeType == 'uidNumber':
            assert 'uidNumber' in ldapObject
            assert len(ldapObject['uidNumber']) == 1
            for uidNumber in ldapObject['uidNumber']:
                uidNumber = int(uidNumber)
                sid = '%s-%d' % (self.domainSID, uidNumber*2+1000)
                ldapObject['sambaSID'] = [str(sid)]

        # sambaPrimaryGroupSID = fixed or 2*gidNumber+1001
        if (self.fixedPrimaryGroupSID is None
            and attributeType == 'gidNumber'):
            assert 'gidNumber' in ldapObject
            assert len(ldapObject['gidNumber']) == 1
            for gidNumber in ldapObject['gidNumber']:
                gidNumber = int(gidNumber)
                sid = '%s-%d' % (self.domainSID, gidNumber*2+1001)
                ldapObject['sambaPrimaryGroupSID'] = [str(sid)]

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